Norway’s Sectoral Programme for Gender Equality


Women are the primary victims of violence, but it also affects men and children. Protecting the rights of victims of violence and securing aid measures are central in combating domestic violence. Measures aimed at violence offenders are also important. The Nordic Council of Ministers’ cooperation program for gender equality has a zero tolerance for domestic violence.

The Council of Europe adopted the Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence July 2011. The Convention, named the Istanbul Convention, was signed by all the Nordic countries. The Convention aims to protect women against all forms of violence and to prevent, prosecute and eliminate all forms of violence against women, as well as domestic violence.

Implementing the Istanbul Convention
In 2017, Norway will finish a project on The Nordic Countries’ Implementation of the Istanbul Convention. The project will look at how the Nordic countries implement a variety of obligations, with regard to efforts preventing domestic violence in the Nordic countries, and the protection and support provided to victims of violence. The objective is to learn from each other’s work, develop and improve efforts. It is important to share experiences with other countries in Europe.

Project Report and Nordic Conference 8 March 2018
On 8 March2018, Norway is hosting a joint Nordic conference where the results from the project are presented and discussed. The Istanbul Project will result in a report, describing, comparing and analyzing the implemented measures in the Nordic countries.