Norway’s Sectoral Programme for Gender Equality

Hate Speech

In 2015, the Nordic Ministers of Gender Equality included the topic hate speech as an initiative in the Nordic cooperation on gender equality.

Men are slightly more affected by hatred and intimidation compared to women when they participate in public debates on social media. However, hate speech against women is targeted towards their gender, sexuality and appearance. According to research, women change the way they participate in the public debate, because of hate speech. To ensure that everyone can participate in the public debate.

This spring, Nordic Information on Gender (NIKK) will present a review of the legal regulation of online hate speech at the request of the Nordic Council of Ministers. The review will include recommendations on how to combat hate speech, both politically and judicially.

The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs is developing an Information package to young people about online hate speech, which will be presented this spring.

Countering Hate: Nordic conference on Hate Speech

Norway is hosting an international conference on hate speech in Stavanger on Wednesday 21 June 2017.
Knowledge, experiences and best practices will be presented during the conference.